Cosmetic Tattoo Services

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo (Microblading)

Also known as feathering, 3D brows, semi permanent makeup brow tattoo.
Consultation. (30 minutes)
Brow shaping, cosmetic tattoo application. (2 hours)

Beauty Mark

Please keep in mind; size, shape and placement. (45 minutes)


Can be used to enhance your lashes, absence of lashes or eye shape. Please keep in mind; colour and thickness of desired liner.

Touch Up Insurance

Touch up included, if booked within 2 months of initial appointment. (1+hour)
Additional touch up (30+ min)
6 month touch up (45+ min)
1 year touch up (1+ hour)

Colour Correctional / Camouflage Cosmetic Tattooing

Correct faded, undesired colour, as well as camouflaging of scars and re-pigmenting the areola and nipples.
By consultation only.

****All prices are in Canadian currency.
Payments accepted; cash or cheque day of service, e-transfer before day of service.
Should you require a day of invoice, please let me know in advance (one week prior to date of service.)
50% Non refundable deposit is required to secure booking.
Prices subject to change.
All clients must sign waiver, client and technician form. Sole responsibility lies on client after commitment has been made, as you have a right to refusal.

NO results guaranteed.
I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who I deem not suitable for this procedure or for any other reason.  As a technician I make the decision to Microblade/ Tattoo an individual based on my own discretion.